Essex Pole shines at disastrous Derby Day

pole teamSeventy points were up for grabs at Derby Day 2017 – Essex won 15. A little more than disappointed with the fifth defeat in a row, Essex Blades returned home whilst the hosts UEA celebrated their winning streak.

On the annual day of sports competition, Essex fought hard against arch-rivals UEA but it just wasn’t enough. Success did come however for one of the newest sports on the scene, Pole Dance.

UEA knew of their victory by early afternoon, and didn’t hold back on twitter.

UEA’s twitter page for the day seemed to be very happy with their team’s success, and showed little sympathy for Essex’s devastating loss.

“It’s all gone very quiet from @EssexBladesSU @rebelessex @EssexSU….See you next year if you are up for it 😉 #DerbyDay18

The day wasn’t full of losses however; Essex’s pole dance team excelled on the day winning two points for Essex Blades.

Essex pole grabbed both first and second place in the beginner’s category, first in intermediates and second in advance after two hours of spins, tricks and dance.

Intermediate performer Alin Petcu commented on how “Essex Pole is one of the few sports teams who constantly win at Derby Day, we might not have their resources but we have some great members who are committed to the club’s success”

But why IS Essex Pole so successful?

With weekly classes for all abilities and time for your own practice, Essex Pole has more members than any other sports club at Essex University.

They push the message of how anyone can do pole no matter your size, age or gender and you don’t need to have any experience to join.

Essex Pole’s Performance and Competition Officer, Jenny Jaiyeola works with competitors on their routines and gives them tips and advice for their performances.

When asked why she though Essex Pole was so successful, Jenny commented on the hard work from the performers and said that their passion for pole showed and that is what gave them the win.

She also mentioned how the rest of the team who were not competing gave a large amount of support which helped the confidence of the performers.

But this is not the first time they has been successful, with a string of victories against UEA and also continuing success in other competitions,  Essex Pole is a team to watch.

Competitor Abigail Prior said “I would love to take part again next year and prove to UEA once again that we are the rightful winners.”

To view all of Essex Pole’s Derby Day performances, visit their Youtube page:

Essex Pole Youtube


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